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Below are programs that I have written in Delphi 7.0 Enterprise.
If you have any comments, queries or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I would be very pleased to hear from other Delphi developers.

Freeware Programs to Download

(Designed for following platforms, Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7 and 8)


I do not charge for my time or any of the applications that I write. However, I do incur expenses for software,
hardware and reference materials so any contributions toward these costs would be greatly appreciated.

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Date Calculator v2.74

This program was inspired by me when my wife asked me how old our daughter
was the day we had her portrait taken, so she could enter the date into her
diary. That got me thinking, how old would I be when the new millennium started?

There again, how old would my wife or daughter be?
What day were we all born on?
What day will Christmas be on this year?

All these and many more similar questions can be answered using Date Calculator.

When ever the program is run, it remembers the last position on the screen.

The date calculations are displayed automatically and are now displayed all at
the same time, Days, Weeks, Months & Years. It's range is from
1st January 1600 to 31st December 3000.

Calendar Defaults, the start of the week can be set as either Sunday or Monday,
this option is saved automatically on exit. The other defaults that are also saved
on exit are showing the Week Numbers and showing the Today's Date option on the calendar's.

Also new to this version is the option to add days to the date on the left
calendar to arrive at a new date. You have the option to add as business days
(without week-ends) or with week-ends.

Now back by popular demand, the option to Goto Date, just type in the date for quickness.

This latest version now allows the user to check for updates automatically from the web site,
also new to this version is the option to add start and end dates to calculations.

Download Date Calculator v2.74
file size 480Kb

Geometry Calculator v1.2

I have waited for so long trying to get this application verified, I have
decided to release it as a beta version and get the public to give me feedback
as to any errors and/or modifications, this way you can benefit from it now!

There are Four sections to choose from; Circle, Area, Surface Area and Volume.

For the calculations used in this program "Pi" has been rounded off to 10 decimal places.

Don't forget, with feedback from you, the users, we can all make this a great utility for everyone.

Update.....19th May 2013, I know this has been a long time in coming but I have been really busy over
the past few years, but with feedback from users and finally having the time to make some changes.
I am just about to bring out v2.0 that has added formulas and the long awaited error changes.
Just bare with me and the update will be out in the next few days, thank you for your patience.

Yes I know, where are the upates, I haven't been too well this last 6 months and have
been in the hospital for the last month so nothing could be done, once I get back on
my feet again and feel better I will get back into it and do the updates. Sorry for the delay, again.

Download Geometry Calculator v1.2
file size 1.16Mb

Metric Converter v4.3

What can I say, Metric Convertor will convert from metric to imperial and vice versa. There are 100 different choices covering;

Length, Weight, Area, Volume, Temperature & includes a scrollable calendar.

This latest version now allows the user to check for updates automatically from the web site.

Download Metric Convertor v4.3
file size 382Kb

Pregnancy Calculator v2.74

Helps you to plan for the important milestones in your pregnancy. Choose the date of last period from the calendar & the dates will change accordingly, the following details will be displayed instantly:- The probable date of conception; the start date of the second and third trimesters; the date that, if born on, most babies will survive; the dates that most babies may arrive between; how many weeks and days you are pregnant; how many weeks and days you have left until that special day; and lastly, the date the little bundle of joy is expected. Now complete with some sound effects and the option to print the results.

If you want the birth on a certain day, Date Calculator can also let you know what date the approximate conception should be. Explanations are also given for the Conception, whether it's a Boy or Girl, the Embryo and the second & third trimesters. Option to add the expectant mothers name to the printout, it also processes and displays the results instantly. Also new in this version is the showing of the astrological sign your baby will born under.

This latest version now allows the user to check for updates automatically from the web site.

Download Pregnancy Calculator v2.74
file size 448Kb

Sales Tax Calculator v3.0
(previously VAT Calculator)

This version is now made for the international market as it allows for the monetary symbols of '£', '$', 'Fr', '¥' and '€'. Tax Calculator is a simple calculator that adds or deducts a pre-set percentage from an amount entered. You enter the amount to be charged, then click the Add or Deduct button to see the gross sale amount with Tax included or the net cost of goods with Tax removed. You can enter numbers by keypad or by clicking on the numeric buttons on the program. Optional sounds accompany program operations. The Tax percentage is saved on exit as default if the figure changes in the future.

This latest version now allows the user to check for updates automatically from the web site.

Download Sales Tax Calculator v3.0
file size 284Kb

Call back again to see what updates or other applications are added to my site.....